Decisions, Decisions

September 20, 2019

Decisions, Decisions

One of my favorite sayings, and the title of one of my favorite books, is "Die Empty" (written by Todd Henry). (I have even had a bracelet made with this saying to remind of my desire to "die empty" when it's my time). This post isn't about dying empty but about this quote from the book  - "Your Legacy is Built One Decision at a Time." These decisions, which determine our legacy, are made by safety professionals everyday.

You walk by a guy teetering on the top of a metal ladder, in front of a closed door, holding a drill and oh wait  - it's starting to rain - Do you say something?  Or do you walk on by?  

You are riding a bus or train with co-workers and someone starts to berate someone in your group of the opposite sex or of a different religion or political viewpoint than that of the rest of the group. Do you step in or step away?

You are the passenger in an Uber or Lyft and the driver is texting while driving while trying to follow the GPS and get through traffic. Do you say something or keep quiet?

In some of these situations only you will know what decision you made and in others, your actions will be very public. You may think no one notices but every decision will form your legacy. Will people remember you as a safety professional who truly cares about others or someone who "practices" safety only when it's convenient? 

What decisions will you make today that will be your legacy? 


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