SafetyFUNdamentals is a safety training product company that strives to help trainers be the best they can be by providing training games and activities that increase interaction, learning and retention all while trainees are having fun! SafetyFUNdamentals has been creating safety training activities based on the principles of accelerated learning for more than 20 years. Trainers and trainees alike love the simplicity, low cost and value these activities bring to safety training classes. We are always happy to help or to create something just for you if we don't offer it in any of our books. If you need something not currently available, chances are others do too so we'd love to hear your ideas!

SafetyFUNdamentals was founded in 1999 by Linda Tapp, ALCM, CSP, CPTD after many safety professionals consistently requested that she share her safety training techniques with them. She often presents SafetyFUNdamentals’ techniques to standing-room only crowds at safety conferences across United States.