Hazard Hunt: Find Your Way to a Safer Workplace (eBook)

Hazard Hunt: Find Your Way to a Safer Workplace is an updated collection of Hazard Hunt activities from SafetyFUNdamentals. All of the original 12 illustrations are included plus three new ones that can only be found here. All answer keys have been expanded and improved too! Additionally, new worksheets are provided as an option for using these hazard illustrations as an expanded training activity. Finally, Hazard Hunt has been "gamified" according to the principles of gamification and a new safety training board game, Hazard Hunter, has been created and is being provided in this new and revised version.

The first edition of Hazard Hunt was published in 2009. Thousands of safety professionals have used Hazard Hunt illustrations in their training classes to help make safety training the best it can be. Are you ready to join the fun?

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