How to Get More from Your Zoom Calls

November 19, 2020

How to Get More from Your Zoom Calls

I've spent a lot of time in online education sessions this past week plus a few virtual networking sessions and I noticed that some people are very involved and others simply lurk on the sidelines. I created this infographic in an effort to share a few tips for those looking to connect more with others in the virtual environment. 

The first point - Turn on Your Camera - is the first step and the easiest thing to do. I am like many people and do not like to be on video but it's just something we all have to get more comfortable with. How much networking do you really think is possible if people only see your name and/or photo and often, not even hear your voice? We all miss being together, meeting new people and making connections but we can get at least a little of this experience if our cameras are turned on.

The second point - Don't Multi-task - is really hard to do. As a perpetual multi-tasker myself even in normal times, I find it difficult to resist the temptation to do something else. (And yes, I know the experts say multi-tasking is bad but in general it works for me).  Online though, it is really important to focus on the speaker and single-task. If you don't you may get to the end of a meeting or presentation and not remember anything that was discussed, and in this case, your time online was wasted. One way to make yourself pay attention is to take notes with the plan of sharing a summary with someone else at the end. This will keep you on task plus help you to remember information longer.

The third point - Participate in Chat - Even for introverts, online chat is an easy way to interact during an online event.  Participate in polls, answer questions, and ask questions. Doing this will not only keep you focused but you will get more from the event.

The fourth point - Follow up on LinkedIn/Twitter with other attendees - Without the opportunity to see someone you want to get to know better at a post-meeting networking event or even just the opportunity to talk to them while walking around a conference, it is important to take proactive steps to connect with new people and reconnect with old contacts. Social media platforms have made it very easy to get in touch. Add a short note in your connection request and the person will likely happily accept. 

Everyone misses the face-to-face meeting opportunities we used to have but thanks to online platforms like Zoom, all is not lost. The key is to work with what we have and be an active and not passive participant. 

PS - if we are not connected yet, please find me on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, etc. I'm looking forward to "seeing" you soon!


 Download this infographic here.

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