Music to My Ears

August 30, 2019

Music to My Ears

Many, many years ago I wrote an article for ISHNabout some unusual ways to make workplaces safer. One of the things included in this article was the use of background music.* While background music may not be applicable to many workplaces where safety professionals find themselves, the use of music in safety training is something to consider.  I have tried playing music before a training class or presentation and I love doing that (but finding the right music can be tricky).  Attendees walk in the training room with a look of surprise and curiosity and that's a great way to start a class. Many people also play music during breaks but one of my favorite ways to use music is to play it during an interactive class activity. Some people use music as a timer and others use it to boost the energy or to encourage brainstorming. The problem that most trainers run into is copyright. You just can't pick any song you want and play it for a group. There are all kinds of rules to follow and make sure you are complying with - and way too much to consider in this post. There is a post on the Trainers Warehouse blog that gets into all of the fine details and you can check it out here.  

In my hunt for music I can use in my presentations and training classes, I finally "convinced" my musically inclined son to create some tunes for me. I am sharing them all with you here so feel free to use them. I'd love to share your thoughts about them with him if you decide to use them.  I'm going to be trying them myself and will post how it goes.  Until then....happy training!

Background 1

Background 2



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