QR Code Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt

October 11, 2022

QR Code Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt

October 9th-15th is Fire Prevention Week. Many organizations hold some kind of fire safety training or event during this month. Consider trying something new, like a QR code Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt. Here’s how it could work:

Identify at least five key spots in your workplace that are related to fire safety. Examples might include:

  • Posted Evacuation Route

  • Meeting Point

  • Fire Alarm

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Emergency Exit

A QR code needs to be created and posted at each of these sites. QR codes are easy to create, and once you have them, you simply print them out on a piece of paper or label and place them in the area. The March 2022 issue of The Safety Training Net included step-by-step directions for creating and using QR codes. To create a QR code, you need it to link to something, and for a QR code Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt, each of the QR codes would lead to a description of one of the identified fire safety locations.

To begin, you would tell participants to go to a spot that they associate with fire safety and look for a QR code. When they find it, they need to scan it with their phones, and then follow the hints that will lead them to their next location. Ask participants to try to find all five spots (or however many you create) in order to complete the scavenger hunt. Examples of five different QR codes are shown above. Try to scan a few to see the types of clues they lead to.

You can save yourself some work and simply print out the codes above and place them at the five different locations. Be careful not to place a QR code in the same spot being identified by the code. For example, if you scan the first code on the left, it will lead to a clue that says, “Where to go once you exit the building in an emergency.” The QR code and clue are intended to direct participants to an established meeting point, so this QR code would not be placed at the established meeting point but instead at one of the other four locations. (If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll do my best to help).

Other fire safety-related spots could include an elevator, fire hose, fire blanket, sprinkler head, and medical office. I have also created these generic QR codes for you if you want to use all ten or any combination that fits your circumstances. You can find all of the codes and a note about what they lead to in a Fire Safety QR Packet you can download here.

To gamify this activity, you could make this into a contest by providing a small prize (or a chance at a larger prize) for participants or teams of participants that turn in the correct answers when asked to name the five spots.

I love this activity because instead of simply providing information about these five fire safety spots during a training class, trainees or participants physically travel to each spot to locate and identify the spot, which will help them to remember the information longer.

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