Dusting Off "Popular Puzzles for Safety Training"

January 29, 2021

Dusting Off

Back in 2007, I started to create a collection of puzzles to be used as class openers for a variety of safety training classes. As more project ideas came my way, I kept pushing this one down the list and to this day, it is not finished. Since today is National Puzzle Day, I thought I would dig out this old file, dust it off and share part of it with you. The excerpt I am sharing includes 20 different safety training activities. If you would like to download it, (please remember it is still technically only a draft and I am only sharing part 2 of 3 parts), click here

Since this is not a finished product, I am only making this available until Monday Feb. 1st. I will hopefully be able to finish it this year and will share the complete collection at that time. For now, I hope you can use these puzzles to  help get and keep the attention of your trainees.

Happy Training!

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