What's Your Favorite Game?

November 19, 2019

What's Your Favorite Game?

Although I have been creating and teaching others how to use games and activities in safety training for a long time, I have not gone very deeply into applying the principles of gamification to these activities. Gamification is often confused with games and the words mean different things. Gamification involves applying game mechanics to an activity and my interest and the focus of a Level 2 Gamification course I am currently enrolled in is the use of gamification principles applied to learning. 

As part of my Level 2 course, I am working on a game to help trainees learn to identify and correct workplace hazards but to do this, I need to determine what motivates the type of trainees who might take this type of training class. Here is where you can help!

I am asking everyone I know:

1) What is (or was as a child) your favorite game?

2) Why? (what do you like about the game that kept (or keeps) you going back again and again?)

If you have not already commented your answer on my LinkedIn or Facebook post asking the same question, please add your answers below. Thank you in advance for your help!

PS - My class assignment for the Gamification Level 1 Class was a Confined Space training activity that I will share here soon

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